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Never Knows Interview Podcast

Haceteria DJs Tristes Tropiques and Nihar sat down with Marc Kate and talked to him about his project Never Knows, as well as meditations on technology, nightlife, and dance music. We cover everything from proto-techno to post-techno. Never Knows performed live at Haceteria on Saturday, October 6 at the Deco Lounge in San Francisco.


Never Knows - Norn Porn
Jean-Michel Jarré - Arpegiateur
Boards Of Canada - 1969
Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services - Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
Never Knows - Sentiment for Sediment


Tristes Tropiques - Summer Chillzone Prog Mix

New short mix from Tristes Tropiques of recently acquired early and mid 1990s tunes. Spans the early output of Aphex Twin and Paul Van Dyk to lesser known dance floor movers from that era including 39 Orbits, Direct 2 Disc, The Overlords, and D:Ream. A bit of early sounding trance elements but overall the mix is mainly the lusher, layered, and atmospheric side of prog house.

Jason P - Summer in the Garden of Lasers and Fog

Quick no-vinyl mix for your summer evenings of reckless abandon.

Track List:

Nicole - Rock the House (Club Mix) - 1988
Desire - This Dub is Mine (This Club is Mine Mix) - 1991
Queen Latifah - Come Into My House (Zanzibar Mix)  - 1990
Rickster - Night Moves (Night House Mix) - 1988
MK - Burning (Vibe Mix) - 1992
Fingers, Inc. - Music Take Me Up - 1988
John Rocca - I Want it to Be Real - 1984
Murphy Jax Ft. Mike Dunn - It’s the Music (Original Vox) - 2010
Infinity Ink - Infinity - 2012
The Minute Men - OK Alright (Club Mix) - 1989
Steve Poindexter - Mental Problems - 1991
808 State - Olympic (Euro Bass Mix) - 1990ello - Unbelievable (Theme from “Ford Farlaine”) (Morales Mix) - 1990
KiNK - Existence - 2010
Bizarre Inc. - I’m Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix) - 1992

Nihar - The Sprawl Mix

Live Vinyl Mix recorded June 2012 in San Francisco

Track List: 

Cabaret Voltaire - Keep On (Sweet Exorcist Mix) - Parlophone 1990 
Redshape - Black Dust - Present 2007 
3 Big Men - The Time is Now for Action - Capitol 1989 
Second Phase - Mind to Mind - R&S 1991 
Channel X - Double Defused - Beat Box international 1991 
Technoid - Technoid - NeoSubCulture 1989 
Gesloten Cirkel - Yamagic - Moustache Techno 2011 
DJ Hell ‎– My Definition Of House Music - R&S 1992 
André Galluzzi - Freya - Ostgut Ton 2010 
Bill Youngman - Trilogy - Killekill 2011 
Datura - Yerba Del Diablo (Achico) -Trance Records 1992 
Bjork - Hyperballad (The Stomp Mix) - One Little Indian 1995 
Rhythm Invention - Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson’s Portable Mix) - Warp 1992 
Autechre - Crystel - Warp 1992 
Tropic of Cancer - Be Brave (Richard H Kirk REMIX) - Downwards 2011 
Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual - Aftertaste Recordings 2009 
Planetary Assault Systems - Diesel Drudge - Peacefrog 1994 
Source - Eclipse - R&S 1993 
P.I.M.P. ‎– The Light - Touche 1994 
Emmanuel Top ‎– Fusion - Triangle 1995

<body> interview podcast

Interview with Holly Herndon and Mat DryhyrstSF live techno project for April 7th Haceteria.

Roche - Haçeteria (feat. Bobby Browser)

Song composed for and about Haçeteria by Bay Area producers Roche and Bobby Browser.

Check out Roche and Bobby Browser’s amazing repertoire at:

Jason P - February 2012 Haceteria set

To tide you over until the March edition of Haçeteria (w/ Bobby Browser!), here’s most of Jason P’s set of acid house and rave from February 4 at the Deco Lounge, warts and all.

DSK -What Would We Do? (Hurley’s Extended Mix)
Cappella - Heylom Halib
TC Berry - 1991 (Fratty Mix)
Greed - Give Me (Quadrant Mix)
Eurythmics/Dave Angel - Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)
GTO - Pure (Pure Energy)
Nightmares on Wax - I Am For Real
James Christian & Frankie Bones -I Can Feel It
DHS - House of God (Original Mix)
Sleezy D - Trust Track

Tristes Tropiques - February 2012 Haceteria mix

February Haç-cast now live! Mix of 90s jams from The Hypnotist, Zeta 3, 808 State, Marathon, Alcatraz, and more! All in anticipation of the February 4th Haçeteria at Deco Lounge with Breath Control (Greg from Eats Tapes) peforming live!

Nihar - Kepler 22b Mix

Live Vinyl Set recorded 1/3/2012


M&M – So Deep, So Good (1994)
Virgo Four – All The Time (1989)
Nightmares on Wax - Sal Batardes (1990)
2 The Hard Way – It’s Dangerous (1991)
R.B.M. - Yo Shorty (1995)
Coco Steel and Lovebomb – Feel It (1991)
James “Jackmaster” Rabbit – Let Us Have Love (Step by Acid) (1989)
House Master Baldwin Featuring Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (1987)
T-Cut-F - Searching (Got To Be Tough) (Magic Juan Kool Mix) (1989)
Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (1987)
The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Guns of Mu Mu) (1991)

Download here: http://soundcloud.com/niharb/nihars-kepler-22b-mix